Jan 1, 2019
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Imagineering Design for Multimedia Formats


0 X-TREME LATIN Unleash Your Inner Gladiator Written by Henry Beard Illustrated

1 POLITICAL ENCOUNTER Roman Emperor vs_ Roman Senate ---Commissioned series

172 THE PUNISHER, No_3 Punisher intrudes on a black-op mission in New York City

21 THE PUNISHER, No_5 On the verge of locating an underground weapons cache sta

25 THE PUNISHER, No_11 The Punisher declines to rescue a stock broker's wife, b

26 THE PUNISHER, No_9 An assassin baits a trap for The Punisher under New York C

4 CHARIOT ENCOUNTER Roman Nobleman vs_ Roman Farmer ---Commissioned series of

73 THE TRANSMUTATION OF IKE GARUDA Jim Diamond thanks Ike Garuda for a job well

Imagineering Design for Multimedia Formats

The Focal Point

Your portfolios reveal you are a political cartoonist, portrait painter, caricature artist, corporate logo designer, fashion designer, as well as an illustrator of movie posters, book covers, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, and trading cards, etc. What do you prefer?

I love the design parts of what I do. It is fun to find solutions for design parameters. But I also love illustration. Sequential narratives are very engaging! But to pick which I prefer to do is a tough choice. I have too much fun to feel a need to limit myself to a single preference.


Comments from clients & readers:

“James pays uncanny attention to subtext and detail. He tells my stories by
designing everything from clothing to architecture to help set the proper mood
for the characters.”

“Each face has its own personality. I can feel what his characters are
thinking. James Sherman illustrates thought!”

“James Sherman has a knack for making you feel something real is going on. I feel
like I can step right through the panels into that world.”

Job History

Art by James Sherman first appeared in public media as political cartoons for NJ’s largest newspaper, “The Bergen Evening Record”. He jumped to worldwide distribution as a comic book artist on DC’s next millennium series, “Legion of Super-Heroes”. Working on storyboards and posters for indie-film projects dropped him under the radar. But his designs for major Corporate Identities: “Shop Rite” and the “National Basketball Association” and logo illustrations for the “Major League Baseball” and the “National Football League” brought him back to national attention.

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