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The Science Fiction Art of James Sherman

Comments on his work in The Legion of Super-Heroes

Though THE LEGION has maintained a hardcore following for the many artists who have worked on DC Comic’s next millennium series since its launch in 1963, many critics say the team-up writer Paul Levitz & artist James Sherman raised the bar.

“The change in artist was a particular improvement in Dawnstar’s debut, for the visual display of Dawnstar’s powers required a sense of design. Also, in The Infinite Man, Jason Rugarth was a new foe, their first really powerful villain in some time. Again Sherman’s sense of design contributed a great deal to the effectiveness of the villain and the story, as he was given a chance to draw the earth’s past, present (within the context of the story) and the future. In “The Final Illusion” Sherman got – and took- his chance to create many wonderful types of aliens and robots. It seems safe to say that Sherman’s artwork on the first two stories of the “Earthwar” series is the standard which current and future artists will have to meet. Sherman went out of his way to design the stories carefully using everything from costumes to architecture to help set the proper mood and tell the story. He was careful to…”
(Excerpt from the COMICS FEATURE retrospective of writers & artists of the Legion Of Superheroes(published in NO. 15, Jan. 1981.)

“This may be just a little thing, but I particularly like it that Sherman pays attention to detail. Each character’s face has their own personality. I can feel what they’re thinking.”
(Reader’s comment published on the “letters” page of the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.)

AMAZING HEROES: So what DC comics do you like?
DRINGENBERG: As far as it goes, I was more into the artists rather than the books themselves. The only thing that’s come out of DC that I really followed-hmm. That doesn’t count as following the book per se. I was going to say I used to follow the old legion of Super-heroes back when James Sherman did it, but then again, I read that because his artwork was fantastic. I wasn’t too thrilled by his raw penciling. Sherman’s layouts were just fantastic. He could twist panels around backward on themselves and make them look great. The feeling that he gave to his comics was of real science fiction. They had a real big feeling to them, no matter how compressed the panels were, which was something that I thought was really interesting.
(Excerpt from an interview published in AMAZING HEROES, NO. 185, Nov 1990. With Mike Dringenberg (penciler/inker on DC Comics critically acclaimed SANDMAN series.)

“Sherman has the ability to make Earth feel as if it’s in space.”
(Reader’s comment published on the “letters” page of the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.)

“I don’t know how he did it but Sherman had a knack for making you feel something real was going on in those books. I felt like I could step right through the panels into that world.”
(Comment by Joseph Rubinstein, Legion of Super-heroes inker.)

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