Consulting with sponsors or clients, I engineer a universe of characters & environs
envisioned by authors, directors, art directors, and/or producers.
I design stories by imagineering a creator’s vision
for pitch presentations in various media formats
or design and illustrate stories for print, motion, digital, and/or 3D media.
Imagineering is sequential design for multiple mass media markets
in specific relationship to the dynamics of subliminal social impact
via contiguous illusions juxtaposed to a flow of conscious textual scenarios.
I am an inventor, designer, illustrator, sculptor, photographer, sketch artist, writer,
and remote adventure traveller. Not a jack-of-all-trades; these involve interrelated skills.
I am an artist who loves to travel.
I love design parameters and finding solutions that fit project requirements.
I have discovered travel informs project solutions.  
I also love discovering different means of daily survival routines
based on the qualities of opposing, transitional environments
and the arrangements of compatible, cooperative situations.
I have found elements of both often exist simultaneously
in intensely urban and extremely remote locations.
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