The Art of James Sherman first appeared in public media as political cartoons for NJ’s largest newspaper, “The Bergen Evening Record”. He then jumped to worldwide distribution as a comic book artist on DC’s next millennium series, “Legion of Super-Heroes”; dropped under radar as a storyboard & poster artist on indie-film projects; designed a few major nation logo I.D’s for “Shop Rite”, the “National Basketball Association”, “Major League Baseball”, and the “National Football league”. Next, he resurfaced on the internet @sony.com designing a comic strip, the “Adventure at Canyon River”, wrote & designed 53 TV commercials for the NFL and preproduction designed ABC News’ 24-hour worldwide broadcasting event for the 2000 New Year’s Celebration, a space orbital broadcasting-station/stadium/resort-complex for Disney’s NFL-ESPN-ABC sports, aliens and weapons for the first “Men in Black”, animation characters for Disney’s “Hercules”, the Las Vegas 3D-multimedia music event for Leon Redbone, and sets for the Madonna-Brittany Spears music video, “In the Zone”. James also co-plotted, designed, and illustrated Elaine Lee’s graphic novel, “The transmutation of Ike Garuda”. Here is the bio FAQ on designer/illustrator/storyboard artist, James Sherman:

Can you sum up your career in one sentence?

I see a wide range in your portfolio. Why do you do so many things?

Most artists specialize; why not you?

To accomplish all that you must hate deadlines!

What does Imagineering Design mean?

What is Imagineering design?

What is it you do?

Who are your clients?

You work in a lot of different styles. If I commission you, how do I know which style I’ll get?

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